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Coltsfoot are/were a progressive rock band for whom Geoff is the keeper of the keys. Formed in the mid eighties at the University of Hull, they record on a sporadic basis. Best described as 'heavy wood' the emphasis of their output is the fusion of piano, keyboards and acoustic guitars with occasional excursions into heavier forms. Their music is quintessentially English with an eclectic mixture of classical, progressive and folk elements. 

Geoff Proudley: Piano, keyboards, anything with a midi interface

Stuart Martin: Vocals, lyrics

Rog Patterson: Acoustic and electric guitars/basses, vocals, lyrics

Silus Grudge: Crumhorn

Previous members:

Manir Khalil: Guitar/Bass

The bands fledgling recordings have long been banished to dusty drawers and safe deposit boxes but titles such as From Within Stone Circles and In Retrospect may stir a memory in those with a distant recollection of the eighties NWOBPR (New Wave of British Progressive Rock). These tapes were recorded when the band were still at university and are of historical interest. A rare track, Autumn also appeared on the Progressive sampler album Exposure in the mid eighties.

Leaving university and moving into the big bad world meant recording was going to be difficult. Band member commitments meant that music by post was often the only way forward. Geoff and Stuart kept in touch and even recorded some demos with the young Steve Wilson at his home studio. These demos which feature Steve were released again as a cassette album Action at a Distance in 1988 although much of the material was in need of some refinement which unfortunately, time prevented. During these sessions, Rog Patterson (of Twice Bitten and an accomplished solo acoustic guitarist) joined the band.

During the late eighties and early nineties, the band wrote a number of pieces that were to form the backbone of their CD release A Winter Harvest in 1995. It was also decided to include a number of solo compositions that complemented the other tracks. Even the ancient In Retrospect was appended as a final track to complete what was, in essence, a decade span of material. The idea behind the album was the constant cycle of life, death and rebirth. A harvest of souls from the winters blast, fuelling the life force so spring will strike again.

From time to time rumours emerge that Coltsfoot are writing/recording again. I couldn't possibly comment!

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