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Geoff Proudley is an English composer, songwriter & keyboard player. He was a founder member of eighties progressive rock outfit Coltsfoot and writes for radio, television and media for a range of producers.

With foundations rooted in an emotive English sound, Geoff's principal instrument is the piano. Classically trained to a point, his own idiosyncrasies combine to produce an interesting technique and approach. Influences include Colin Towns, Peter-John Vettese, Mike Ratledge, Tony Banks, and Francis Monkman to name a few. He likes melody, structure, unusual chords and the occasional lack of discipline. Having made several forays into different musical areas, he comes back like an errant pigeon to the roost of progressive rock for want of a better name. 'I became attracted to that genre because it could start and end anywhere. It didn't have to conform to this or that time signature or chord progression. I like that freedom'.


He describes his writing as like creating musical 'postcards'. These often lend themselves to the discipline of Library and Production Music.

Recently Geoff decided to dip his recording toes back in the Progressive pool, the result of which was a solo EP 'Quark' released in 2019. Spurred on by this, he started writing his first full length album 'Tales from Strange Travels' which was completed during lockdown and released in 2021. After three years in development, the album 'K of A' about the life of Katherine of Aragon (a labour of love that combines Geoff's interest in Tudor history with writing musical narratives) has just been released. Somewhat obversely, an album of piano ballads, tentatively titled 'Unsung' and written over many years is in development featuring a number of session singers.


Geoff writes and records under several pseudonyms.

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